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    What To Expect When Ordering a Live Outdoor Plant Online

    Very Important!  Reading This Text Prior to Making Your Purchase will Head off any Misunderstandings or Future Problems, especially if you have not purchased Trees & Shrubs online in the past.  If you have any questions or concerns prior to ordering please direct them to, upon making your order you will receive a customer service phone number.

    Commercially Grown Dormant Bare Root Plants

    We do not grow many of the plants we sell on this website. 
    We are a Licensed Nursery Stock Dealer/Broker/Grower.  We purchase Dormant Bare Root Plants from commercial growers throughout the country, which allows us to offer a wider variety of plants.  We concentrate our buying on easy to grow, hybrid, seedless, male clone varieties. This is pretty much the same thing your local retail nursery does, however they will pot the bare root plants and grow them for another season and sell them in a non-dormant state.  The reason we tell you this now is to prepare you for what you will actually receive and not what you are used to seeing at your local retail nursery.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the plants that you will receive and we guarantee them to be hardy and healthy or they are replaced.  The plants you receive are the bare root dormant plants from the commercial growers.  The woody trees and shrubs will have no leaves and a very small amount of branches.  The Perennials will look wilted or might just simply be a bulb or root.  It could take until the following season for your plants to recover from the shock of shipping them to you and sometimes they do not recover and this is why we give you a (1) year Replacement Warranty.  With the proper care and our help if you want it, your plants will soon look like the plants a your local retail nursery at a small fraction of the cost!

    Plant Size and Images

    The plants sold on this website will vary in size and although we post an approximate shipping size in each description it is impossible to guarantee a specific size.  Most of the plants sold on this website are (2) year plants, in which broad leaf or flowering trees are 2-4 feet in height and shrubs are 1-2 feet in height.  Most evergreen and perennials sold here run 3-12 inches.  Please note that if the description does not state an approximate shipping size then the shipping size is approximately 4-10 inches in height.  The images we use with the descriptions on the product pages are not images of the actual plant you will receive.  We provide images of mature plants given only as an example of what an end result would be once you have grown your plant to maturity.

    Plant Hardiness

    All plants sold on our website are field grown in the north and are cold hardy.  Our plants unless otherwise stated in the description will grow in all areas we ship to and are hardy in zones 3-9.
    Substitution Policy

    Orders are filled by item number exactly as received. If a variety is sold out, we reserve the right to substitute one of equal or greater value. If you are not happy with the substituted item, simply return the original shipping label with a letter of complaint for shipment of the original item when available or a refund.

    Free Gift Trees

    Online Tree Farm does everything possible to ensure that we have low prices on the internet. To show you how much we appreciate your business, we are offering a Free Item from the list below with every Order!

    How the offer works

    There is no minimum order amount and you can order as often as you like to get more FREE PLANTS, however orders cannot be combined to save on shipping costs.

    Although we invite your choices, we 
    Cannot Guarantee you will receive the plant you choose. We will choose your FREE GIFT TREES for you from the list below or You Can Enter Your Choices in The " Message to onlinetreefarm" on the payment page of our checkout by clicking on the  

    Canoe Birch Tree

    Little Leaf Linden Tree
    Flowering CrabappleCottonless Cottonwood Tree
    Flowering DogwoodBlack Rum Cherry Tree
    Japanese Rugosa RoseNannyberry Bush
    Fuji Apple TreeFlowering Pear Tree
    Gala Apple TreeGolden Delicious Apple Tree

    ***** If a variety of Free Gift Trees is Sold Out, we reserve the right to Substitute one of equal or greater value.

    Order Payment & Processing

    When you place an order we will receive an alert letting us know you have submitted an order for processing
    . We will, within 24 hours review your order and then send you an email that will contain a link to a secure checkout where you can complete your payment transaction.  If you requested to pay by check or money order you will receive an invoice which you can print and mail in with your money order, personal or bank check payment.  Once your order has completed the payment processing stage your order will be prepared for shipment during the shipping window you requested at checkout. If you cancel your order during processing we will charge a $5.00 cancellation fee.  Once the payment processing phase has completed orders cannot be canceled.  We do reserve the right to cancel any order and refund in full for any reason we see fit.

    Status Updates

    Our website will give you automated status updates through the packing phase of your order, your order will then ship according to the schedule on our website without notice.  You may at anytime request an status update by contacting us at or the status request phone number we provide you with your "Processing Completed" status update.

    Shipping Schedule

    We Post a Shipping Schedule on this website with approximate seasonal ordering deadlines and shipping dates.  Please note that this is a rough guideline only and these dates could change without notice.  The schedule gives you a zone by zone shipping date range and ordering deadline, however it is always wise to check with us before you order because if it is July and we still have dormant stock available in our cooler we might ship the plant before the next shipping season.  Always keep in mind that plants must be harvested and shipped in a dormant state or they will never survive and we could not offer the warranty we offer.  The availability of dormant stock is the cause of most delays in receiving plants and is not intentional, so order early to insure you receive your order on time, even if the grower has a bad year with a particular variety.

    Shipping Method

    Due to State Restrictions and Agricultural Inspection requirements Live Plants must ship via truck to your local Post Office and your local postal carrier will deliver your plants to your home.  Some orders can ship UPS, either way you will receive online tracking information when your order is shipped.

    Warranty and Return Policy (Plants)

    WHEN YOUR ORDER ARRIVES:  Keep The Shipping Labels & Packing List!!

    When you order trees and shrubs from The Tree Farm your order is guaranteed to arrive in a good, healthy condition or we'll replace them at no charge. Preform the SCRATCH TEST as specified in the instructions on your woody plants and if you determine your plant is dead please contact us immediately for instructions. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN PLANTS UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO! You can also Return Your Entire Order For any reason for a Refund (Less Original Shipping & Packing Cost and a 10% restocking Fee) Within (14) Days, We do not pay for return shipping costs and Please Inform us of The Return Date.

    30 Day Warranty

    All products purchased on this website come with a 30 Day Warranty.  If the item fails within the warranty time period contact us immediately.  You will be asked to provide images via email and once your claim is approved you will receive store credit equal to your claim.

    The warranty/store credit offer is only valid on items purchased from us and planted according to the planting instructions included with your purchase.  Free Gifts are not covered in the warranty.



    Orders are filled by item number exactly as received. If a variety is sold out, we reserve the right to substitute one of equal or greater value.

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